Unic Stella Epic 3 Group Speciality Coffee Machine

6,755.000 ر.ع.

Ideal Commercial Espresso Machine

Multi-boiler espresso machine featuring a design inspired from the 50’s, the Stella Epic machine guarantees exceptional brewing with its Thermalink Network® technology and and allows saving up to 5 recordable extraction profiles per group to enhance high quality coffees extraction.


Multi-Boiler Espresso Machine

A multi-boiler espresso machine with a large steam boiler and individual 1.65 litre coffee boilers. The Thermalink technology intelligently controls the distribution of heat between the different heating elements, resulting in the Stella Epic’s excellent thermal stability. By optimizing this use of power to heat the needed parts of the machine as needed, the system is in effect made more efficient of its energy requirements throughout its lifetime use.

A Unic design

Between tradition and innovation, the Stella Epic proudly affirms Unic’s identity and is the flagship of the brand. Its sophisticated silhouette holds the codes from the early beginnings of the Stella story since the 1960s, and integrates a decidedly modern and performing technology.

The Stella Epic is the ideal commercial espresso machine for coffee shops and businesses offering specialty coffee beverages that call for precise adjustments and maximum steam capacity. The Stella Epic 3 groups is recommended for businesses consuming an average of 12-15 kg of coffee per week.

Because its assertive design and sculpted form can be influenced by your personal touch, express yourself by giving the Stella Epic a unique look. Please contact us for additional info.