Conti Ace 1 Group Multi Boiler Premium Coffee Machine

1,350.000 ر.ع.

Beautiful, Concise & Tenacious

Conti Ace, our dedicated 1grp precision espresso machine, perfect for small, niche venues or serious domestic barista, where a passion for coffee knows no limits. Ace comes in 12 colour options to suit any interior.


Introducing Conti Ace 1 Group Multi Boiler Premium Espresso Machine

The Ace would be a superb fit from a roastery to quality control lab and showroom, and could double up to be used at events and pop ups where volume and portability are usually compromised.

In addition being the ideal size and aesthetic to look beautiful at home, this machine has been conceived without compromise and will perform and be built exactly as you would expect a premium machine from Conti.

Perfectly suited to an intimate restaurant, meeting space or swanky bar, this machine has been designed to extract espresso perfectly, whilst being a multi boiler, every parameter can be optimised, this machine will perform far beyond its footprint.

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Machine Antique Pink, Machine Black, Machine Carmine Red, Machine Deep Orange, Machine Ocean Blue, Machine Pastel Blue, Machine Pastel Green, Machine Pebble Grey, Machine Sapphire Blue, Machine Traffic Grey, Machine White, Machine Zinc Yellow