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Professional Services

Location Design

Al Roofoof is also a renowned cafe and restaurant contractor in Muscat, helping owners to elevate their outlet through our design solutions.

We provide customised location assistance to ensure that businesses are able to offer a pleasing experience to all their customers. The interior design of an establishment should align with the menu and theme, giving your customers a memorable experience.

Kitchen and Cafe Layout

The full experience includes not only the menu and the people your customers interact with, but also the space that stimulates their senses. As one of the most prominent restaurant and cafe contractors in Oman’s food and beverage space, we make sure that our interior designers are always on par with the trends and requirements of the industry.

Al Roofoof team recognises that the interior setting of an outlet should not only cater to the customers, but also to the staff. While undergoing the planning process during the layout design, we take precautions to ensure that there is ample space to work comfortably, even during peak hours and full houses.

Team Training

When you purchase a coffee machine from Al Roofoof, our technicians come and install it for you. You can get started as soon as the machine and equipment are delivered.

Once installed, Al Roofoof team provides training to your staff covering everything from the correct machine use to beverage delivery.

Machine Servicing

We have are known for detailed customer service and support, and we will work with you after the installation.

Al Roofoof technicians make sure that your equipment downtime is at minimum providing your establishment with maximum return on investment.

Quality Control

Al Roofoof quality control provides insights into the customer experience by evaluating the key areas of service quality. Secret shoppers can be used to measure general areas such as the cleanliness of service outlets or wait times.

By undertaking effective inspection and control in your processes and operations, companies in the F&B industry can considerably reduce production costs.

Furthermore, when employees start to feel that they are producing higher quality products and services, their motivation to work towards the common objectives increases.

Cafe and restaurant quality control is the lifeline of business, and running a well-functioning location holds a great responsibility. Good quality results in a superior reputation and positive word-of-mouth on both offline and online channels.

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