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La San Marco Coffee Machines


Beautiful products, reliable and easy to use, with a distinctive common style; high quality machines, reminding our customers every day that they made the right choice.

Since 1920, for nearly a century, La San Marco has renewed commitment to do their best for connoisseurs of Italian espresso.

It’s the story of an Italian concern that has successfully carried the great tradition and passion of espresso coffee around the world.

La San Marco Duale 2 Group

Split personality. Tradition and innovation in one machine.

Duale Class is an innovative concept coffee machine, leaving the operator completely free to prepare coffees and coffee-based drinks using either the traditional electronic system, or the manual lever system – which allows to control the pressure profile during delivery.

Duale Class is available in a 2 Group and 3 Group versions with one electronic group pump, volumetric pump and one manual lever group.

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