Unic Aura 2 Group Traditional Espresso Machine

3,550.000 ر.ع.

The Perfect Harmony

The professional semi-automatic espresso machine Aura 2 groups model owns all technical features of a high-end traditional espresso machine: the perfect harmony of aesthetics and performance to control its extraction and keep it consistent thanks to its volumetric dosage and boiler capacity.


Aesthetics and performance combine for guaranteed results

With its modern design of stainless steel and chrome, the Aura displays an assertive silhouette accentuated by LED lighting of the tray grill and its electronic control boxes with touchscreen interface.

On the technology side, Aura is dedicated to users familiar with volumetric commands that address high performance and consistency in the extraction process. Maestro groups designed by Unic are fitted with the EasyLock system that helps locking and sealing the portafilter with minimal effort.

Traditional espresso machine, 2 Maestro groups, 10,1 liter boiler, 2 control boxes with 4 programmable dosing program, Steamglide lever, programmable water & steam. Two group upscale PID controlled single boiler with auto clean and auto temperature regulation.

Aura 2 groups meets customers’ satisfaction, as cafes and restaurants with an average coffee volume of 10-12 kg per week.