Conti Monte Carlo Coffee Machine

3,450.000 ر.ع.

Precise, Stylish & Intuitive

The Monte Carlo is a culmination of over 60 years of research and design. Created to meet the needs of baristas and roasters worldwide, the Conti Monte Carlo combines good looks, endless power, and extreme precision.


Precise, Stylish & Intuitive

The Conti Monte-Carlo 2 Group Commercial Coffee Machine is a multi-boiler, semi-automatic espresso machine that takes temperature stability to the next level. The use of PID controlled cartridges & pre-heated water feeds makes the Monte Carlo an incredibly reliable espresso machine that consistently pulls great shots.

Conceived for the most discerning, Barista, Roaster or any serious operator, the Monte Carlo has a harmonious combination of style, practicality, precision build quality and advanced technology to ensure it is a future proof consideration for any outlet.

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Jet Black, Traffic White