Unic Tango ST Duo Super Automatic Coffee Machine

10,165.000 ر.ع.

Super Automatic Two-Step Espresso

One of a kind in the super automatic market and offers a high level of performance and speed while guaranteeing exceptional quality in the cup, as attested by all coffee professionals.

The Duo has two touchscreens with a choice of 96 drinks while working two brew stations at the same time. In the Tango® STP Duo configuration, recipes can be delivered hot or cold with a velvet like textured milk foam.


Super Automatic Espresso Machine Tango, Milk Solutions and Useful Equipment

The super automatic coffee machine Tango STP Duo is the ideal equipment for the businesses as bars, coffee shops chains, and the hospitality industry for self-service breakfast, as well as company cafeteria. The Tango unrivaled coffee extraction quality, together with the new milk delivery system, offers the perfect equipment to ease and succeed in the preparation of all milk based specialty coffee drinks, with heated or cold milk or foamed milk with a smooth texture.

Dual Group super automatic two-step espresso maker with automated steam and foaming wand for milk drinks. This unit is typically operated for capacities upward of 22 kg per week. Designed for rugged commercial application and high performance during rush periods. Two 60,000 cycle piston seals require the Duo the least amount of intervention. The two independent stainless steel brewing chambers and software design replicate and consistently deliver infusion parameters found in barista controlled equipment. Adjustable and transferable settings via touch screen and USB.

The additional milk refrigerator Tango STP Fridge, included in the Tango STP Duo configuration, has a full compressor system which consistently maintains cold milk temperatures, with a 4L removable container. Cleaning and maintaining the milk circuit is automatically done thanks to its efficient rinsing and cleaning program.

Distributing, heating and foaming fresh milk to create delicious hot or cold drinks with milk or foamed milk: that’s the challenge met by the super automatic Tango STP Duo with efficiency and performance.